"Chelsea Wives" by Anna-Lou Weatherley

Move over ladies who lunch, the Chelsea Wives are taking over.  

Imogen is a beautiful former model who cut her career short when she married her husband Sebastian, a wealthy banking CEO.  When a chance to get back into the modelling world comes her way she is hesitant but decides to give it a go.  Unfortunately, her husband feels threatened by this and uses his money and influence to make sure she doesn’t get the job.

Calvary is a former fashion editor, committed to her husband Douglas who unfortunately doesn’t seem to be as committed to her.  She has always turned a blind eye to his infidelity as divorcing him would mean giving up her social standing and the life she is accustomed to.  But when she discovers that his latest conquest is a little too close to home and then meets a handsome, young man who gives her what her husband won’t, she may just change her mind.

Yasmin has married a wealthy Lord much older than her and she knows that the label of gold digger follows her around.  No one is quite sure of Yasmin’s background and she is going to keep things that way.  She is hiding a dark secret, one that her husband holds the key to and she will do and say whatever she need to until she can find out all of the facts.

It may look like these women are living the high life but behind all of the glamour are women who are hurting.  But a Chelsea wife doesn’t back down and she certainly doesn’t let a man get the better of her.  When Imogen, Calvary, and Yasmin get together with a plan to take down their husbands, nothing will stop them.

Chelsea Wives by Anna-Lou Weatherley is a fun and fabulous book oozing with glamour and intrigue.  This book is the perfect reminder of the old adage “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

This book has it all.  It starts out as fun chick lit, taking you into a world of opulence and luxury.  Money is nothing for these people and for these women, it makes the world go round.  It is so much fun to dive into this world.  But this book goes much deeper than shopping and travelling.  Imogen, Calvary, and Yasmin show that there can be a dark side to all the glamour, and this is where things start to get really good.

The women hatch an incredible plan to get back at their husbands and they will go to any length to do it.  Do you love movies like Oceans 11 or The Italian Job?  Well all of that is right here.  You will be cheering for the women and turning the pages anxious to see if all will turn out right at the end.  

The entire time I was reading this book I was thinking that it would be a perfect movie.  Even though the book is almost 450 pages, it flies by because you never feel like putting it down.  This is one super sexy summer read.


  1. Ooooh, I may save this as a brainbreak book during the madness that is September!


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