Short Story Sunday: "Laundry Day" by Stacy Juba

When Gregg accidentally stumbles upon his neighbour's lingerie collection drying in her bathroom, he can't hide his fascination.  He never would have thought she'd be the type of person to wear that kind of lingerie.  And it gets him wondering if his wife would want to wear that kind of lingerie.

But then his neighbour is murdered, strangled with her own fishnet stockings.  And Gregg is caught up in the mystery of who killed her, afraid of when and where the killer might strike next.

Laundry Day is a short story offering by mystery author Stacy Juba.  It's an entertaining read, a little bit racy, a little bit of mystery.  I think it could have felt a bit more suspenseful but the ending definitely packed a punch which makes it a great read.  This is my first introduction to the cozy mystery genre and it definitely has my interest now.

Laundry Day is available for free download for Kindle here.  It also includes short excerpts of Stacy Juba's full-length mystery novels Twenty-Five Years Ago Today, Sink or Swim, and Dark Before Dawn.


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