"Between You and Me" by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

At twenty-seven, Logan Wade has left her unhappy childhood back in Oklahoma and is carving out a life in New York City.  But she's stuck at a job with long hours and continually going back to the guy who is not right for her when her friends are getting married and working on their careers.

Across the country, Logan's cousin Kelsey Wade is the biggest pop star in the world.  Her entire life is about promoting herself and pleasing her fans.  Her parents control her "brand" but Kelsey is looking for a new personal assistant and she thinks Logan is perfect the job.  

But Kelsey and Logan haven't spoken to each other in years, not since Kelsey and her mother left abruptly for Los Angeles leaving Logan to navigate her childhood without her best friend.  Logan knows there is a reason her parents tried to protect her from Kelsey's parents but she doesn't know the full story when she takes the job.  And as Kelsey's life unravels in a public and humiliating way, Logan needs to decide what is more important, her own life or her relationship with Kelsey.

Between You and Me by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus is an inside look at the life of a pop star, the struggles they have to maintain a normal life and the way it affects relationships.  Those who love to follow celebrity culture will really enjoy this book as it combines real life circumstances with fictional characters.  In fact, anyone with knowledge of what happened in Britney Spears' life over the last five years will see a lot of familiar incidents.  

I thought the idea behind this book was a great one but in the end it was poorly executed.  There was a definite lack of editing in the book, not just spelling mistakes but the fact that the book felt choppy and disjointed.  It was attempting to achieve too much in a small amount of space and this left me confused and uninterested through much of the book.  I couldn't understand the motives or emotions of characters or feel any real attachment to any of them.  It was a good look at the daily happenings of a pop star, but that is about all I got out of the book.

The reviews of this book seem to be hit or miss.  It is a good story and if you can get past the fast pace that leaves out a lot then this will be a good beach read.  But if you just can't handle disjointed writing you might want to pass.  Don't expect to like this one as much as you liked The Nanny Diaries.


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