"Seriously...I'm Kidding" by Ellen DeGeneres

It's been pretty hard to miss Ellen DeGeneres these past few years. Whether it's dancing on her hit television show, judging on American Idol, or striking a pose in a Cover Girl commercial, Ellen is everywhere. And now she's back on bookshelves. In Seriously….I'm Kidding, Ellen takes on everything from the best way to fall asleep to the difficulty of being royalty with her trademark humour.

The book is comprised of short essays filled with witty observations on celebrity culture and life in general. It seems that Ellen can find the lighter side of almost anything as well as the absurdity of almost anything. Some of the essays give the reader some great and important thoughts on life (for example her chapter about courtesy) and some of them are meant for nothing but laughs.

I must say though, for as funny as Ellen is on her talk show it didn't completely translate on to the page for me. Some of the essays had me laughing out loud, but for the most part they just had me smiling. After a while, they started to lose their spark for me. I read the book in only a few sittings so I'm not sure if maybe I would have found the book funnier if I read only a few essays at a time. Maybe it was because I thought I would be laughing out loud from start to finish. I don't think I was expecting too much given how much I enjoy Ellen's show.

I consider myself a casual Ellen fan, so I think that the more "serious" Ellen fans will enjoy this book. You hear her voice in everything that is written so it feels like you're hanging out with her after the show.


  1. Is it the makeup or the hairy clam that makes your face look so soft?

  2. Ellen's new book, Seriously... I'm Kidding, is awesome. Those who think the book is not deep or serious enough, should look at the title and consider Ellen's stand-up humor, which is usually rambling observations and experiences. Just sit back and laugh at the ridiculousness. It isn't supposed to be a serious autobiography!


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