FIR '11: E-books vs. Physical Books

Oops, I've been a little MIA when it comes to the Wednesday questions so I'm hopping in at the third week. Fall Into Reading 2011 is hosted by Callapidder Days. It's all about getting some good reading done during the fall and connecting with other book bloggers each Wednesday to find out about their reading habits.

This weeks question: On what devices, if any, do you read books? Or are you strictly a physical book reader?

Well, for the past year I have flip flopped on whether or not to purchase an e-reader. Each time I'm at the store I stare at them from a distance, a few times I've gotten close enough for a quick touch. Part of me was drawn to them, most of me was stubborn and felt that books should be a physical thing.

Then my husband bought himself a tablet computer. He got it so he could read graphic novels. I was drawn to it, so I downloaded a few e-reader apps and eventually read my first e-book on it. And I loved it! I must say though I think I prefer the size of a tablet to an e-reading device. Either way, I will mostly be reading physical books but I am no longer limiting myself. Plus, I still have to fight my husband for the tablet!


  1. I looooove my Kindle! My mom prefers to read on her iphone or her ipad, but I prefer the kindle. I don't like backlit devices and I love that the print on the kindle is like the print in a book. I can't say I prefer my kindle to a book, but I do like them equally. Plus kindles are so cheap now, you should definitely consider one for this Christmas!

  2. I still can't decide. books can be too heavy to carry around so the reader would come extra handy but ... something is keeping me from buying it. thanks for your opinion, it has been helpful. :)


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