"Mum on the Run" by Fiona Gibson

Laura Swan has never been a fan of the sports day at her kids' school. After having three kids, her body just isn't what it used to be and unfortunately the same can't be said for the other mums at school. But this year she has promised her daughter Grace that she will participate in the Mum's Run. Things start out well but soon Laura finds herself collapsing in a heap before the finish line. And to add insult to injury she looks up to see that her husband Jed and his sexy new colleague Celeste have witnessed it all.

It's the last straw for Laura and she soon decides to join a support group for people looking to lose weight. There she meets Danny whom she instantly clicks with and they decide to take up running together. Soon, things are about more than running and Laura finds herself questioning her marriage. Will she be able to get everything right in her life or will she end up running away from it all?

Mum on the Run by Fiona Gibson is a fun chick-lit novel that many women will find themselves relating to, especially mothers. I could completely relate to Laura's feelings about her body post-baby and the difficulty of getting back into shape. She is such an easy character to love and cheer for.

The plot of the book is pretty much your typical chick lit novel but Gibson's writing is easy and funny which makes it very easy to forgive the fact that it seems rather formulaic. You'll find this book difficult to resist and hard to put down which makes for a very quick and enjoyable read.


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