"Choosing to SEE" by Mary Beth Chapman

Mary Beth Chapman was living a life she had never planned for. Instead of the peaceful and stable life she had always dreamed of, she was living a pretty hectic one. With her husband, an award-winning singer/songwriter, she had a full house with three biological children and three children adopted from China, as well as a nonprofit organization to run.

But on May 21, 2008 their world was changed forever. One of their young daughters was hit by a car, driven by their 17-year-old son, in the driveway of their home. In the months that followed, Mary Beth struggled with understanding God's plan for her life and why their beautiful, full of life girl was taken from them.

In Choosing to SEE: A Journey of Struggle and Hope Mary Beth Chapman shares the story of her life and her struggle to find a new normal following the death of her daughter. This is an open and honest book that is full of laughter, sadness, faithfulness and the promises of God.

Mary Beth's story is an inspiring and comforting one. She shares their adoption journey and how they brought home three young children from China and found homes for many, many more. She also shares how no matter how hard she tried to plan and control her life she ultimately had to give that up to God and allow Him direct her life.

Most importantly Mary Beth bravely shares the emotions and pain surrounding the loss of her daughter. She is honest in sharing how even famous Christian singers and speakers question God in the difficult times. Mary Beth invites the readers into the depths of her emotions to give them an understanding of how her family has journeyed through their pain.

A very touching part of the book is the honesty she shares in how her son felt following the accident and how he dealt with a pain that was different from the rest of the family's. The strength that they all found in God is incredibly inspiring. Anyone who is going through a difficult time will find comfort and solace in this book.


  1. This sounds like a very interesting book. Not sure that it's my sort of thing but I'm sure many will read it as a result of this fab review.


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