"Sweet Temptation" by Lucy Diamond

It seems as though things could not get any worse for Maddie Lawson. Her horrible boss at the radio station has humiliated her live on air, her mom has signed her up at the gym for a Couch Potato membership and her kids are embarrassed to be seen with her after her disastrous outing in the mum's race at the school sports day.

Jess, a popular beautician, is also having her share of trouble. Her new boss at work has it in for her and is watching her every move. On top of that Jess is desperate to fit into a size ten wedding dress for the Big Day that is continually being put off by her not-so-nice fiance.

Lauren has found herself at a dead end in her life. Hurt by the end of her marriage, she has decided to give up on romance for ever. However, this does interfere with her job running a dating agency. She has turned to food to comfort herself, all the while listening to the men who use her agency say they're looking for the perfect woman with a sexy bum.

All three women reluctantly join Fatbusters, a local weight-watching group, and soon discover that in addition to losing weight they will develop new friendships, lasting love and the life they always wanted.

Sweet Temptation lives up to its title and is a very sweet book. The characters are all well-rounded and down to earth women, they seem just like the type of women you would want to form a friendship with. The book deals with tough subjects that women face every day in an honest and also humorous way. You will cheer these women on as they lose weight and get back to who they really are.


  1. Hi Shan,
    One of these days I'd like to attend the Word on the Street in one of the larger cities. Kitchener is good and they have awesome writers, but the lure of the big city is something else.

  2. Hi Shan, I can definitely relate to eating to
    cope.These ladies sound like people I know!

  3. That's what made this book so enjoyable, that we all know people like this whether it's ourselves or others. The characters were so relatable!

  4. oh, this book is new to me. It sounds like a good read. I'll add it to my wishlist!


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