"Mini Shopaholic" by Sophie Kinsella

Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) is back and with a whole new set of problems (and she wouldn't be our dear Shopaholic without any!) Daughter Minnie is now two years old and following in her mothers footsteps. She can name fashion designers, do a little online shopping and her favourite word is "Mine!" Becky and husband Luke are still searching for a house while they live with her parents, but bad luck keeps coming their way. And now, a financial crisis has hit the entire country.

So what does Becky decide to do? Cut back like everyone else? Nope, she decides to throw a lavish surprise party for Luke. If you know Becky, you know this isn't going to be smooth sailing.

Mini Shopaholic is the newest instalment of Sophie Kinsella's wildly popular Shopaholic series. It is as funny and charming as all of the past books. While most would assume that by the sixth book of a series things may begin to go downhill, this book proves otherwise. While I don't think it's the funniest or best of the series, it was fabulous having Becky back.

Kinsella also does a great job of taking the financial crisis into account and showing the difficulties of readjusting your mentality, especially for someone like Becky. It may be outrageous or frustratingly nutty but that it was what the Shopaholic books are all about. The one criticism about the book is that the character of Minnie doesn't factor into the book as much as one expects her to given the title of the book.

Mini Shopaholic is a wonderful addition to the series and a light, fun read. And, as always, Sophie Kinsella leaves a wonderful little hook at the end for her readers!


  1. I just reviewed this today too!

    I agree that Minnie just wasn't as prominent as she should have been--- although, I am GLAD because she annoyed me throughout the book. I just wanted Becky to take back some control over her!

  2. I am so happy to hear that you loved this book. I am a big Sophie Kinsela fan and can't wait to get the latest addition to a great series!


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