"Just Like Me, Only Better" by Carol Snow

If you have ever seen a "Stars, They're Just Like Us!" spread in a magazine, you've probably wondered what it's really like to be a celebrity, followed by the paparazzi wherever they go and photographed even when all they are doing is getting a coffee. Veronica Czaplicki is about to find out.

A single mother and cash-strapped substitute teacher, Veronica is often mistaken for Hollywood starlet Haley Rush. And when she is offered a well-paying job to act as Haley's double for the paparazzi, she jumps at the chance. Soon Veronica has been made over to look exactly like Haley and she spends her days on the town posing as her. But soon, sparks begin to fly between Veronica and Haley's ex-boyfriend, actor Brady Ellis. And Haley is beginning to pull away from the Hollywood scene. The job becomes more than Veronica had bargained for and things quickly fall apart.

Just Like Me, Only Better is a funny look at the Hollywood life from a new perspective, the Hollywood double. The writing is great, casual and honest. Readers who are into pop culture will enjoy this book and even those who don't follow it will still enjoy the story. It's a great commentary on the expectations and emphasis we put on movie and music stars and shows that stardom isn't all it seems to be.


  1. Nice, insightful review Shan. Thanks for sharing!

  2. sounds like what I need something that's funny

  3. This sounds like a fun summer read... Thanks for sharing!

  4. It is definitely a great summer read. It's light, it's quick and it's fun.

  5. Sounds like something I'd like to do for a weekend.


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