Christmas Gift Guide

It's December 1st and before we know it Christmas will be here.  It's time to get out and buy those gifts. And I always say that you can't go wrong with a book.  But the bookstore can be very overwhelming and it's very tempting to pick anything off the bestseller wall and be done with it.  But if you're looking to get something with a bit more thought put into it, here are my suggestions of books that you can't go wrong with.

For the Teen in your life:

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

The story of a teenage girl who has a disease that keeps her from being able to go outside.  She's content in the world she lives with, until she falls in love with the boy next door.  An absolutely sweet and moving story.

For the person who is well-read:

The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald

A young Swedish woman arrives in a small-town in the United States to find that her vacation isn't going to go as planned. So what does one do when they are feeling lost? They open a bookstore.  Lots of references to great books.

For the current events follower:

The Illegal by Lawrence Hill

A young marathon runner escapes the brutal government of his own country by remaining in a neighbouring country after a race. He now must live as an illegal in a country that doesn't want the refugees.  No book is more timely in 2015 than this one.

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Written as a letter to his teenage son, Coates explores what it means to be Black in America in our current time. Inspired by James Baldwin's The Fire Next Time, this book explores how one lives in a country that belongs to them but doesn't treat them as such.  Powerful reading for people of all races.

For the Young Woman starting out in life:

Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling

Not only is Mindy Kaling's book hilarious but it is full of inspiration and life lessons.  Mindy shares her experiences as a young woman in university and in Hollywood and shares how we all deserve to strive for and achieve whatever we want.

For the Chick Lit lover:

The Knockoff by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza

When a forty-something woman is forced back to work with a bunch of young twenty-somethings, she gets a crash course in social media, tech, and all things pop culture.  A fun and hilarious read.

For the history buff:
March Book One by John Lewis

The story of the life Congressman John Lewis, one of the key figures of the Civil Rights Movement.  Book One starts with his early life in rural Alabama and what inspired him to become a part of the movement.  You can also purchase Book Two, which continues on the story of marches, sit-ins, and freedom rides.  What is great about these books is that they are graphic novels.

For the person that is always on the go:

The Fringe Hours  by Jessica N. Turner

This book is all about learning how you can carve time out of your busy day that you can commit just to taking care of yourself.  Our current world has us on the go at all times but this book shows that even the busiest person can find a little bit of time for some self-care.

For the mystery fan:

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Since this is one of the big books of 2016 you'll have to do a little sleuthing of your own to find out if they've already read it.  But if they haven't, buy this one.  Described as "this year's Gone Girl," it is the story of a woman who observes a couple each day during her commute until one day the woman in the couple goes missing.

Happy Shopping Everyone!


  1. Some great suggestions, Shan. Adored Mindy & Jessica's books.

  2. Thanks for this list of recommendations!


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