Month in Review: Non-Bookish Things

June was a very busy month in my little corner of the world.  With school finishing up, that means there are field trips, play days, and concerts to attend.  My job kept me pretty busy through the month as well so it feels like there was very little time to sit down to do anything (except watch baseball, I always make time for my Toronto Blue Jays, especially when they are on a hot 12 game win streak.)



This month, I managed to watch only one television show - Episodes.  I’d been wanting to watch it for a while considering the plot is one that is often discussed in my household, British television shows crossing the pond.  So it’s been on my Netflix list for a while and I decided it was time to watch.  And I absolutely loved it.  


My husband and I went to see Jurassic World at the theatres this month.  I really enjoyed it.  I’ll admit, the acting wasn’t fantastic but I didn’t go for the acting.  I was absolutely pleased with the special effects and it was a good two hours to spend at the theatre.

I also watched a couple of documentaries on Netflix.  The first is Wiebo’s War, which is about a man in Alberta who fought the oil companies that were encroaching on his land. I followed Wiebo’s story in the paper for years, so it was great to see the documentary.  And the other one is the Backstreet Boys documentary, Show Them What You’re Made Of.  Yeah, totally took me back to my teeny-bopper years.  


No new podcasts to share, the same comedy ones while out for my walks.


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