"Fairytale Beginnings" by Holly Martin

This book will be published on 10 July 2015 and is available for pre-order.

Milly Rose is a hopeless romantic and obsessed with all things Disney.  So it only makes sense that she makes her living determining the history and authenticity of castles.  And though she has experienced her fair share of heartbreak, she hasn’t ruled out meeting her Prince Charming.

When Milly is sent to the little village of Clovers Rest to investigate a building, she discovers every little girls dream.  Complete with turrets, a drawbridge, and secret tunnels, Clover Castle is straight out of a fairytale.  And so is its handsome owner, Cameron Heartstone.

Both Milly and Cameron have been burned in relationships before and neither are looking for love.  As they begin discover the secrets that lie within the castle, they cannot fight their feelings for each other.  And with the help of a few eccentric villagers and a century-old love story, they may end up finding their happily ever after.

Fairytale Beginnings, by Holly Martin, is a lovely romantic comedy that shows that dreams really do come true.

To every girl who has ever dreamed of living in a castle, who loves fairytales and Disney movies, this book is for you.  Weren’t that kind of girl? Me neither but I still very much enjoyed the book.  Milly and Cameron are great characters, the villagers are hilarious, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t enjoy exploring a castle.  The history buff in me was absolutely smitten.

This was such a fun book.  Even though I have never been anywhere like it, I could totally picture Clovers Rest in my head and wish that it was a real place.  Discovering the castle along with the characters was great and Martin did a great job of balancing the story of the castle with the romance. 

My only criticism of the book is that it felt a little rushed.  It jumps right into the story without much set-up and I would have loved a bit more build-up, getting to know Milly a bit better before she shows up at the castle.  Same with the development of the relationship between Milly and Cameron.  But over time, everything begins to balance out and the second half of the book is especially enjoyable.

This is Holly Martin’s 4th chick lit book and I’m absolutely in love with her work.  Her past books (One Hundred Proposals, One Hundred Christmas Proposals, The Guestbook) are all unique stories and this one is no different.  This is a lovely updated fairytale for adults and a great read for any romantic comedy fan. 

I received a copy of this book courtesy of the publisher through NetGalley.  The opinions expressed above are my own.


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