"The Year of Taking Chances" by Lucy Diamond

In a small English village on New Year's Eve, three strangers form a bond that will change their lives forever.

Gemma’s life is centred around her two children, something that lately has been getting her down.  She wishes that her husband and children would view her as more than “just a mom.”

Caitlin is in town to pack up her recently deceased mother’s house and figure out what she should do with her life.  Fresh off of the bad break-up of a bad relationship, she feels heartbroken and lost. 

Saffron is a PR executive who is keeping a secret from everyone she knows.  She knows that when she reveals it, people around her will be devastated.  

At the New Year’s Eve party, the three women bond over cocktails and fortune cookies and vow that the coming year will be their best one yet.  But very quickly, their lives take shocking turns and each has to deal with drastic changes in love, work, and home.  Will they succumb to the pressure or will they remember their New Year’s vow and finally take some chances?

The Year of Taking Chances by Lucy Diamond is a lovely novel that many will relate to.  We’ve all been there on New Year’s Eve, taking stock and making promises.  But how many of us are actually bold enough to follow through on them, especially when the times get tough?

I have not met a Lucy Diamond novel that I didn’t like and this book continues that.  With the right combination of romance, drama, and laughs, her books are always enjoyable, smooth reads for me.  This book is no different.

At the beginning of the book I thought I would have trouble warming up to a couple of the characters but I ended up becoming attached to all three of them.  While the three stories start out running parallel to each other, they come together throughout the book and the women form a wonderful friendship.  I absolutely loved how the not just the three women, but the town and everyone around them came together to help them out.  This is such a warm story of friendship, family, and love.

I am amazed at how Lucy Diamond continually books out heart-warming, enjoyable books year after year.  Her writing is never stale, her books are always page-turners, and she is always coming up with great stories.  When it comes to chick lit it can sometimes feel like ideas and stories are being repeated but Diamond is always ahead of the game.  She is truly a gem of the genre.


  1. The author is new to me so I am glad that I read this review


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