Month in Review: Non-Bookish Things

April was a weird month for me.  Not a lot of reading, not a lot of watching or listening either.  What was I doing?  Well, here are the few non-bookish things I was doing.



Now that baseball season is in full swing, I’ve been watching less television shows and the Toronto Blue Jays every single day.  Not a bad thing, though I tell you, they put my nerves through something fierce.

I am currently watching Broadchurch.  I’ve just finished season 1 and have moved on to season 2.  This is an incredible show and if you like dramas, I highly recommend it.  As you’ll have noticed if you read this column each month, I watch mostly British television.  And up until recently, it’s always been comedy because I prefer their brand of comedy.  I can’t explain why, but I didn’t think I’d enjoy the dramas as much.  Boy was I wrong.  Between Broadchurch, Happy Valley, and Scott & Bailey, I’m hooked.

I also just discovered Virtually Famous, a panel show about internet videos. So I've watched a few episodes of that.  I'm running low on panel shows to watch, any recommendations?


This month I managed to watch one movie - Furious 7.  When the franchise first started way back when I was in high school I was hooked, mainly because I was obsessed with Vin Diesel after watching Pitch Black.  But for some reason I stopped watching around number 5. We hadn’t been to the movies in a while so we decided to go see this one and I’m glad that I did.  This franchise has a winning formula.  And the tribute to Paul Walker was so well done.  “See You Again” came on the radio while I was at the gym a few days later and I had tears in my eyes while on the bike, it was that memorable.


Other than my usual podcasts, I haven’t been listening to much.  I did find my summer song though and have been playing that a lot while out in the car.  That song is Janelle Monáe’s “Yoga.”


  1. I still haven't dove into season 2 of Broadchurch! I'm a huge David Tennant fan and loved the first season ... it's such a dark show!

  2. I have to admit I didn't love Furious 7 but the tribute at the end had be balling my eyes out.


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