Top Ten Tuesday: Characters Who Should Get Their Own Book

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So this is one list that was difficult for me to come up with ten but of which a few immediately jumped out at me.  Here are the characters that I wish would get their own books:

Eddie from the Carrington's series by Alexandra Brown - Eddie is the fabulous best friend every woman needs, especially at work.  And throughout the series we see him get this fab new life and become a reality star so I think that this entire journey should be chronicled in its own book.

All of the guests in The Guestbook by Holly Martin - In this book, Annie connects with the people who are staying in her guesthouse and they all share little bits of their stories.  It's a wonderful book but the problem is, we don't get the whole story!  So many backstories that could be written, especially of the young family so I want to read about them all.

Charmaine from A Cinderella Christmas by Holly Kingston - not only did I love this book and this character, I read her the entire time in the voice of Helen Flanagan aka Rosie Webster from Coronation Street.  I'd totally read a whole book about Charmaine's life.

Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda from Sex and the City by Candace Bushnell - if Carrie can get her own prequels (The Carrie Diaries, Summer in the City), then the rest of the ladies deserve their own.  Plus, I want to see them all meet.


  1. Great list! I was only able to come up with nine myself. I've never heard of The Guestbook, but from your description it sounds really interesting. Here's my TTT. Happy reading!

  2. Oh. I've never read any of those book but they seem great!
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