"A Cinderella Christmas" by Holly Kingston

Lucy Tilley dreams of being a famous actress and she knows that everyone has to start somewhere.  But this isn’t what she thought she’d have to do.  

Lucy finally has a part in this years Cinderella pantomime, the hottest show in town.  And to add to that, she’s starring alongside famous TV actor Ryan Aspall, one of the sexiest soap stars around.  The only problem is her part.  She’s not Cinderella, she’s not even one of the stepsisters, no she’s playing the back end of the comedy cow.  

Lucy may not have the best part and she may never be noticed by Ryan but at least she has the support of reality starlet and total diva, Charmaine, who happens to be playing Cinderella.  Sure, her part of the friendship involves running Charmaine’s errands and baby-sitting her dog, but at least she’s rubbing elbows with the (little bit) rich and (semi) famous right?

Only Charmaine isn’t all she seems and before the panto even hits the stage, the drama unfolds backstage.  Will Lucy finally achieve her dream of fame or will she forever be playing the comedy cow?

A Cinderella Christmas is a brand new novella from debut writer Holly Kingston, published by the new women’s fiction imprint Novelicious books.  It is laugh-out-loud funny, has fantastic characters, and will definitely get you into the Christmas spirit.

The characters absolutely made this book for me.  Lucy is adorable and sweet.  I completely relate to her bit of obsession with celebrities.  The development of the friendship between her and front end of the cow Ben is lovely, I was cheering on his character the entire time.  And Charmaine.  Oh Charmaine.  Even though she’s the diva of the story, I loved her.  It really helped that the entire time I was reading I heard her voice as that of a ditzy, actress/reality star from my favourite British soap. 

I liked the setting of backstage at a Christmas panto.  While we do have holiday pantomimes here in Canada, I get the feeling they’re not as popular as they are in England.  The book really gives you a feel of not just all the drama going on backstage, but the romp that is happening on-stage as well.  Poor Lucy, stuck in the back end of the cow.  

I have to say I am now very excited about Novelicious Books and I hope that it will bring us more fantastic writers like Holly Kingston.  This book was the perfect chick-lit rom-com.  It had every element needed - romance, humour, loveable characters, an easy storyline - and with the added bonus of a Christmas setting.  If you’re looking for a book to get you in the holiday mood and make you laugh, this one is for you.

My only criticism of the book?  It finished too fast.  And I don’t think I’m alone with this sentiment.  It is a novella so you know it’s not going to be long but it is so well-written and so much fun you just want it to keep going.  I really look forward to what else Ms. Kingston has to offer.  And maybe one day, we’ll get to revisit the lovely characters from this book?  See where they are a few years down the road?  One can hope.  This book is 5 star chick lit for me.

Thank you to Novelicious Books for providing me with a copy of this book.  The opinions expressed above are all my own.


  1. when you say done to fast you mean it ended to fast. you wanted more due to the well written dialogue the book had. It sounds like a winner to me also.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, reading it over again it sound weird. This book is definitely a winner!

  2. I just finished this, it was quite a charming story and hilarious - really good fun. Can't wait to read more from Holly! I was drawn to to it because the thought of meeting the love of your life while you're in a panto cow suit sounded funny and it was. Brilliant :)


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