"Kate's Wedding" by Chrissie Manby

The eyes of the world were on England in April of 2011 when commoner Kate Middleton wed Prince William in a Royal fairytale.  But Wills and Kate weren't the only ones planning their wedding, though one suspects the planning process was a little different.

Thirty-nine-year-old Kate Williamson was getting used to the idea that she may never find her true love.  After her boyfriend Ian proposes to her atop the Eiffel Tower, she finds herself planning the wedding she didn't think she'd have.  But when life throws curves at her, she begins to wonder if her wedding will happen the way she wants it to, or even at all.

Diana Ashcroft was born on the day of the Royal wedding of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer.  Named after the famous Royal, she lived her life in true princess fashion.  Now that she is engaged to Ben and she has Daddy's credit card in hand, Diana has become a Bridezilla of epic proportions.  

As both women prepare for their big days, their paths cross again and again.  Each woman is preparing for their big days in very different ways but will either of them get their happily ever after?

Kate's Wedding, by Chrissie Manby, is a great novel that takes all of the excitement of the Royal Wedding and extends it to a fun, fantastic story.  I took this book on holiday with me and made it a true "beach read."  I found myself wrapped up in the story and ignoring the glorious waves that were before me.

While I don't often enjoy books that jump between characters from chapter to chapter, I enjoyed the way the writing compared two very different brides.  Kate is an older bride who was looking for a small wedding, close-knit and meaningful.  Diana is a younger bride who has painted her fianc√© into a corner and believes that money is no object when it comes to the day she rightfully deserves.  I loved how Manby had the brides crossing paths at various places to highlight the differences between them.  

So much of Diana's part of the book I found to be absolutely hilarious.  Titanic-themed engagement photos?  A unicorn-drawn carriage?  Yes, Diana will definitely have you shaking your head and laughing through pretty much the whole book.  

Sometimes I find that books like this try to pack too many "extras" into it, that being additional story lines that aren't really necessary.  While the blurb for the book states that it is "set against the backdrop of the other couple getting married in April 2011," the royal wedding doesn't take over the story at all, which it could have ended up doing.  When it comes to Kate's story, there is more than just planning the wedding and it's just the right amount.  I do however think that the storyline of Melanie, the owner of the Bridal shop, wasn't necessary for the book.  It doesn't take away from the book, but it felt extra.  

I'm such a fan of Chrissie Manby.  Every book of hers I have read so far has been a hit for me.  Her writing flows well, her stories are creative, and you're always guaranteed a good laugh.  Anyone who found themselves caught up in the Royal wedding fever will enjoy this book.


  1. Oh, this sounds like fun! As I'm planning a wedding right now I'll be sure to check this out!

    1. Yes, it's perfect timing for you Claire, and since I know you won't be turning into a Bridezilla, you'll enjoy this book!


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