"Thank You Notes" by Jimmy Fallon

Only recently have I been able to stay up late enough to catch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and one of my favourite segments of the show is Thank You Notes.  After watching for a few weeks, I said to my husband, "you know he has a book right?" and as soon as I said it we rushed to get it.

Thank You Notes by Jimmy Fallon with The Writers of Late Night is a compilation of the some of the funniest notes from the television segment.  My husband and I sat down together, and I read the entire book doing my best Jimmy Fallon impression (not so great, but by the end of the book I had the delivery working well.)  We laughed our heads off and our teenage nephew gave us strange looks.

Some of our favourites:

"Thank you… guy with the $10,000 sound system in his $800 car, for driving down Broadway this afternoon.  You're loud.  You're proud.  You're in a '91 Tercel.  Thank you."

"Thank you…gym, for being exactly like my grandpa - always there for me, even though I only visit you twice a year."

"Thank you…the name Lloyd, for starting with two Ls.  I'm glad both this Ls  were there, because otherwise I would have called you 'Loyd.'"

"Thank you…Febreeze, for allowing dirt and filth to live freely among us in total secrecy."

"Thank you…receipts from Best Buy, for being unnecessarily long.  'Hey, thanks for purchasing season four of Lost - here's an entire rain forest.'"

The book is full of fabulously funny thank you's that will have you laughing and nodding your head in agreement.  It's all the things we're thinking as we go about our daily lives.  If you're not familiar with the Thank You Notes segment on Jimmy Fallon's show, be sure to check it out on Friday nights and grab this book.  You don't have to be a viewer to find the humour in this book.


  1. A funny funny book by the great Jimmy Fallon. One of the best parts of the book is the inside cover, where you will find the theme music from when he recites his thank yous on his TV show. I literally laughed out loud to nearly every page.


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