"Born to be Brad" by Brad Goreski

Brad Goreski was a small town boy living in Port Perry, Ontario dreaming of a bigger and better life.  But he didn't quite know how big his life was going to become.

As a child, Brad was different from the other boys in his town.  He loved fashion and dressing up Barbie dolls, all things glitz, glamour and Marilyn Monroe.  And because others didn't understand his fascination, he was bullied during his school years.  But Brad didn't let this stop him and upon leaving his small town and heading to Toronto he discovered a world where he could be himself and explore his passions.  Toronto took him to Greece, Greece to Los Angeles, LA to New York and so on.  And before he knew it, people everywhere were getting to know him as a celebrity stylist on the television show The Rachel Zoe Project.  

In Born to be Brad: My Life and Style, So Far, Brad Goreski shares the story of his success, a journey that had its tough times with bullying, drug abuse, and heartbreak but was ultimately turned into a successful life in the glamorous fashion world.  

I picked this book up because I'm a Rachel Zoe Project fan and I loved Brad on the show.  And I always love a good story about a Canadian who followed their dreams.  I learned a lot about Brad from this book and am impressed with his determination and his strength in the face of bullying.  Brad is open and honest about all of his struggles and in this book he shares what gave him strength and how others can get through the tough times too.

This book is part memoir, part style guide.  Brad shares all of his tips for developing your personal style and always looking your best.  And thankfully Brad recognizes that true personal style goes beyond the clothes.  Fans of The Rachel Zoe Project and Brad's own show It's a Brad, Brad World will love this book.  It's like sitting on the couch, hanging out with Brad and having him dish his best advice.  He also gives great insight into the fashion industry and all that goes on behind the scenes.

And if you don't watch the shows, or you aren't familiar with who Brad is, I'm sure you're wondering how this would be a book for you.  This isn't just a fashion book, it's a book about a young boy following his dreams and overcoming the obstacles in the way.  It's a lesson on taking risks and listening to your heart.  It's a quick read but full of substance.  It's also the perfect book for any young person who is dealing with the difficulties of being different.  This book has something for everyone.


  1. I never watched the Rachel Zoe Project, so I don't know that I would have ever picked up this book. Now that I've read the review, however, it sounds like a fun read. Thanks for posting!

    1. That's excellent! I think people who may not know of him would pass the book over, but you don't need to have watched the show to read the book and it's a great read.


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