"Brooklyn Bites: Vol 1" by Scott Stabile

Brooklyn Bites by Scott Stabile is a collection of short stories that centre around relationships and incredible, delightful food in Brooklyn, New York. Heart-warming, rich and well-written, these stories will have you smiling at their familiarity and your mouth watering. While they capture the spirit of Brooklyn, New York you don't need to be from the city to make a connection.

In Truffle Fries, a woman and her boyfriend share a steaming plate of truffle fries between them. As the women looks across the table, she sees the man she has loved for the last two years but lately has wanted to push off a cliff. As she lets the truffle fries whisk her away to far and romantic places, minus her boyfriend, she considers what it is she really wants from life.

In A Little Taste of Chocolate, Rick and Shelly wake up hungover to the sounds of the irritating bulldog across the street. As they dread the day ahead in the tough economy that has hit everyone, they share their love along with a little piece of chocolate, a ritual they do every day to make life just a little bit sweeter.

This is a wonderful offering of stories and food, wonderfully combined and brought to life. The voices of the characters are real, their problems relatable and understandable, and the description of the food will have you tasting it in your mouth as you read. This is the first set in the Brooklyn Bites collection and I look forward to reading the next instalment and future ones. The quality and writing of the stories is better than you may expect for self-published work. Short story fans should definitely check these out.

About the Author

Scott Stabile lives and writes in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He's published a handful of early reader books through Harper Collins (the L'il Pet Hospital series), created a hit true-crime series for the Discovery Network (I Almost Got Away With It), and wrote a feature length children's script that actually turned into a film (The Oogieloves in the BIG Balloon Adventure), which will hopefully brighten the darkness of movie theatres everywhere. He's currently eating his way through New York City and the rest of the world.

His tumblr blog provides a snapshot of Brooklyn's tastiest dishes along with dramatic mini-stories for each.

His Facebook fan page keeps his readers up to date on his works in progress and current favourite restaurants.


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