"In From the Cold" by Deborah Ellis

Rose and her daughter Hazel are homeless in a big city. They spend their nights searching for food in garbage bins and their days in a shack in the bushes, hiding from anyone who could notice them. As summer turns into fall and into winter, the days and nights are becoming long and cold and Hazel is starting to miss her friends and her school. Rose wants to do right by her daughter but it's becoming increasingly hard. Will she be able to care for Hazel while living this way, or will Hazel try to return to her old life?

In From the Cold is a short story by Deborah Ellis, that shows a side of city life that most people don't know about. While it is a quick read, it is an emotional one as well. One can't begin to imagine what life is like on the streets, especially for a young girl. This book will give readers a view of the heartache and turmoil that is faced by those who live on the street, and the troubles that many people face in this world. It is a wonderful story of a mother's determination to do right by her daughter no matter what the cost.

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