"We Ain't the Brontes" by Rosalyn McMillan

Sisters Charity Evans and Lynzee Lavender bring new meaning to the term "sibling rivalry." Lynzee is a New York Times best-selling science fiction author, earning top dollar and enjoying all the benefits that come with success. Younger sister Charity Evans is a published author as well, but she hasn't enjoyed the success that Lynzee has, and Lynzee takes pleasure in that.

When Charity tries to get her latest novel published she is met with silence by the publishing industry. As she struggles to pay her bills and faces losing her house and marriage Charity begins to wonder if Lynzee has had her blacklisted.

Then Lynzee drops a bomb on her. 34 years ago, Lynzee gave up a child for adoption and Charity's husband Jett is the father. Not only that, but Charity has to be the one to tell Jett. As her life unravels, Charity comes up with the perfect way to get back at Lynzee and find success in the publishing industry. Will these two sisters ever be able to mend their relationship, or will their successes forever be built on the misery of the other?

There is only one word to describe We Ain't the Brontes by Rosalyn McMillan - drama. Not even with a capital D, but caps lock DRAMA. The amount of anger, hatred, back-stabbing and revenge in this book is crazy! This is one of those books that you cannot put down because you will always be wondering what could possibly happen next. Add to that the fact that Rosalyn is the sister of another best-selling author and you'll be wondering what from the book is fact and what is fiction.

There are some negative aspects of the book. The writing and dialogue at times seems very stunted. It definitely gets better in the second half, but the flow is pretty choppy throughout the book. I can handle a few curse words and mild sex scenes but there was an overload of both in this book. There is definitely a lot to the plot of this book but it results in many storylines being underdeveloped and, in the case of the plane crash, pretty much unbelievable.

While I wouldn't proclaim this book to be a work of literary magic, if you are looking for a juicy drama to help you escape from the real world then We Ain't the Brontes is the book for you.

Thank you to Tywebbin Creations for providing me with a copy of this book. The opinions expressed above are purely my own and I received no compensation for this review.


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