"Love Struck" by Chantel Simmons

When image consultant Poppy Ross discovers that her husband Parker is having an affair with a woman from work, she is devastated. She thought her marriage was perfect and could not understand how this happened. But before she can confront him about it Parker is struck by lightning. When he regains consciousness, he has lost his short-term memory and remembers nothing of his affair.

Poppy decides that the best way to save her marriage is not to tell him about the affair and instead make herself over in the image of the woman he was having the affair with. That way he will never be tempted to stray again. But the other woman couldn't be more different than Poppy.

Soon Poppy finds herself in the world of cosmetic dentistry, fake nails, spray tans, hair extensions and butt padding, all to save her marriage. But what Poppy thinks will work ends up having disastrous results on her career and her marriage.

Love Struck is a hilarious novel about having the perfect life, losing it, then finding a real one. The lengths Poppy goes to in order to save her marriage will have you laughing out loud and shaking your head at the same time. This is well-written chick lit with realistic characters, and this storyline with it's funny and endearing main character would make an excellent movie.


  1. I dont normally read chic lit but this has an interesting plot so I will have to check it out

  2. This one is good. It's not cheesy or sappy, as funny as the plot may seem it's not an out there plot.

  3. This sounds really cute...adding it to my summer list :)

    Oh and THANK YOU for reminding me about Lauren Weisberger's book! I definitely need to get my hands on that.


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