"Locavore" by Sarah Elton

Our local grocery stores are like a United Nations of produce all year round. Carrots from Venezuela, broccoli from Mexico, lettuce from China, potatoes from the US. Yet these are crops that can all be grown right here in Canada. So why are we passing over locally grown produce in favour of imported, and what can we do to change that?

Locavore looks at a growing food movement in Canada, one that is bringing local food to the forefront. From family farms on the East Coast to year round farms in Ontario to a city farm in British Columbia, farms are changing the way our produce is grown and bringing the freshest possible foods to people all across Canada. Add to this the local cheese industry in Quebec, organic wheat farmers in Saskatchewan and chefs using local foods in their restaurants and Canadians are being offered more and more ways to support the local food system.

The book takes you across Canada, introduces you to various players in our food system, gives expert testimony to the importance of a local food system and provides you with many resources to find your own place within that system.

Eating healthy and locally is a growing movement and one that is easy to join. I highly recommend this book as a way to understand where you food comes from and how you can vote with your fork and be the one in control of the food on your plate.


  1. Sounds interesting, eating healthily and locally produced food (or at least in Italy)is still very important here.

  2. There was mention in the book about the importance of locally produced food in Italy, it's inspiring to read about how important food is there.

  3. If you are interested in life in Italy you may like to take a look at my Blog News From Italy


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