Review: "Permission Slips" by Sherri Shepherd

On her second day as co-host of The View Sherri Shepherd gave the answer she will forever be remembered for (thanks mostly in part to YouTube.) When asked if she thought the world was round or flat she responded "Is the world flat? I never thought about it." Of course she knows the world is round, and if you watch the video you see a woman who was nervous, excited and unsure of what was going on around her in that moment.

Most people would have just got up and left the stage. But Sherri continues to come back to that table everyday. Why? Because she wrote herself a permission slip to say the dumbest thing in the world, then move on.

Permission Slips is a funny look at Sherri's life, the mistakes she has made and the lessons she has learned. She takes on her childhood as a Jehovah's Witness, her time spent in jail for unpaid parking tickets, her jump into stand-up comedy, diabetes and her time now as a mother and comedy star. She shows women that rather than trying to be perfect 24/7, they should write themselves permission slips to move on when mistakes are made (even if it's the same mistake made over and over.)

Permission Slips is a funny and honest read. If we could all look at life the way Sherri does, we would be much more stress-free.


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