Reading Challenges 2010

I've been reading a lot of book blogs lately where people are involved in reading challenges. And it got me thinking about how I've always had my own personal reading challenges (for example, the BBC Big Read) but I've never really put much into them. Now that I have the accountability of this blog, I plan to attack a few reading challenges in 2010.

1. 100 Books

Easy enough, read 100 books in one year.

2. A-Z Book Challenge

Read 26 titles, each one starting with a different letter of the alphabet.

3. Read 20 Canadian books

So many great Canadian books and authors.

4. Read 3 Classics

I have an entire bookshelf of classics just waiting to be read. And yet, I never read them.

5. Read 5 titles from the BBC Big Read Top 200 List

In April 2003, the BBC wanted to find the nation's best-loved novel. In the end they combined the top 200 into the Big Read List. So far, I have read 17.

Halfway through the year, I'll check in and see where I am, then at the end of the year I will post a final tally.


  1. I love book challenges.

    Actually, scratch that. I just plain old love BOOKS!


  2. I fully agree with you Claire! The idea of book challenges has made me so much more excited about reading. I didn't think that was possible.

  3. Awww man! Now I am trying to remember the name of a Canadian author that I met last year. His books looked amazing, but at the time we didn't have money to buy them. He had 3 ready to read and was working on a 4th I do believe. I might have to go back to that Chapter's store and ask who he was. I talked to him for quite some time and it was really interesting hearing him explain what his books were about. They sound like the sort of books I love!

    I don't think I could read 100 books in a year. I think last year I read about 20 or 30 and I thought that was a lot. I haven't read at all since I got pregnant though :o( I felt so sick at night time at first that I didn't want to sit up and read. And now it's time I get back into reading because I miss it.


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