"The Regional Office is Under Attack!" by Manuel Gonzales

When evil and darkness try to take over the world, there is one organization there to stop them - the Regional Office. Led by the mysterious Oyemi and her team of Oracles, their ultra-elite female assassins are protecting the globe from mayhem and destruction. But someone on the inside wants to bring it down. And now the Regional Office is under attack. 

Rose is a young assassin who has been recruited by a defector from the Office to lead the attack. The Office's first line of defence is Sarah, a young woman who was taken in by the Office when her mother disappeared and who also happens to have a mechanical arm. Over the course of the attack, Rose and Sarah’s stories will collide and their worlds will never be the same.

The Regional Office is Under Attack, by Manuel Gonzales, is a fun and unique novel that will have readers hooked from the very first page right to the last.

Based on the description of this book it is something I didn’t think I would ever have any interest in reading. But a copy came into work and I remembered another blogger talking about how much they enjoyed it so I thought I would give it a go. And my goodness, did I enjoy this one. I am so glad that I looked past my reading preferences and picked this book up.

I know that at first glance this book would be considered Science Fiction or Fantasy, which are genres I really do not read but this book combines and transcends genre to make for a great read no matter what you are into. This book has the perfect balance between the development of characters and the fantasy world of the Regional Office for readers like me. But I also think that fans of the genre won’t find it to be a watered down fantasy novel either.

Not only is does this book have a great premise but it is also told in a very interesting way. The stories of the characters are told by the characters themselves but the story of the Office is told in pieces through excerpts from a book/research paper which occurs in between the story.

This is such a unique book and it is a thrill of a ride. I enjoyed how the book went back and forth between characters and also past and present. The short chapters kept the pace moving quickly and all of this combined to keep me completely interested so that I did not want to put the book down.


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