Month In Review: Non-Bookish Things


This month I watched very little television live and watched it all on Netflix , YouTube or what I had already recorded.  

The first show I watched was Scott & Bailey, a British crime show.  I absolutely loved it.  If you like detective shows, I recommend this one (the first three seasons are on Netflix, I’m really hoping they put up season 4 soon.)  This is written by Sally Wainwright, who also wrote Happy Valley on Netflix.  Watch them both I say.

The second show I watched was Empire.  When it first aired I didn’t watch because I was already watching Black-ish in that time slot and I’m not one to stop watching a show I already like for another one, no matter how much people are talking about.  So I recorded the episodes and decided to binge-watch them.  And that I did.  I watched the first 8 episodes one day, and the other 4 the next day.  And wow.  What a show!  I’m in love.  Everything - the drama, the music, Cookie’s fabulous wardrobe, yes, I’m loving this show.

And right at the end of this month, I started watching season 3 of The Mindy Project.  As soon as it went up on Netflix, I started watching.  Mindy Kaling is a-mazing and I love everything about this show.  I’m so glad that Netflix is putting up shows as soon as their season has finished on television.

I’ve also been watching season 12 of QI on YouTube.  It’s a British comedy panel show hosted by Stephen Fry and is quite funny.


This month, the Junos (Canadian music awards aired) and so in the lead-up I was listening to a few albums by Canadian artists, mainly Arkells and Hedley.  Arkells is new to me and though they aren’t the genre of music I usually listen to it, it’s a great album.  

Usually I listen to a lot of music or podcasts when I’m on my walks but lately I’ve always had company so I haven’t been listening to much.  But I always make sure I have time for The News Quiz from BBC Radio 4’s Friday Night Comedy.

What were you watching and listening to this month?


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