"I Heart New York" by Lindsey Kelk

What does a girl do after discovering her fiancé is sleeping with another woman, disrupting your best friends wedding, and breaking the groom’s hand with the heel of your Louboutin?  Why you run off to another country of course!

Angela Clark has had one heck of a weekend.  And the only thing she can think to do is get out of London and go anywhere else.  In her case, New York City.  She plans to just hide out for a while but it seems the city has something else in mind.  When the concierge at her hotel, Jenny, takes her under her wing, the city comes through big time.  Before she knows it, she’s dating two guys (one investment banker, one indie rock band frontman) and writing all about it in a blog for a major magazine.  

But while her romantic life is easy to put down on paper, it’s not so easy to figure out in real life.  Angela definitely loves New York but is her new life enough to keep her there or will the city get the better of her?

I Heart New York is the first book in the I Heart series by Lindsey Kelk.  This very successful series follows Angela Clark as she travels the world and in the debut book we see her starting her life anew in New York City.

I originally read the 5th book in the series, I Heart London, after thinking it was a standalone novel.  I enjoyed it so much I knew I had to go back and start at the beginning of the series.  Kelk writes a character that lives out the dream of many - getting away from it all and discovering a new city and new you.

The characters in the book are well-written, I absolutely loved Angela, Jenny, and Alex and the secondary characters were well-used rather than cluttering up the book.  The pace of this story is wonderful, always moving and never dragging.  I have never been to New York City but this book made me feel like I was right there with Angela, discovering the city for myself, and enjoying all of the shopping without hurting my credit card.  

This is a chick lit novel.  Yes, everything happens really easy for Angela.  No, this is not really possible for every day people (or anyone for that matter.)  Yes, everything falls neatly into place.  No, there is nothing earth-shattering.  But yes, this is one of those books to whisk you away for a few hours and let your thoughts drift away into “if only” territory.  

The great thing about this series now is there is no wait for the next book to come out, so on to Hollywood!


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