Sunday Headlines - Top Ten Edition

Here are some of the headlines that caught my eye this week, all lists of ten.

*Ten authors to follow on Twitter from The Savvy Reader.

*CBC Books shares ten amazing author statues.

*Are you a dictionary fanatic? Here are ten great reads the National Post thinks you might like.

*The Celebrity Cafe thinks these ten YA books should be adapted into movies.

*The Guardian lists the top ten books about missing persons.

*Here are the ten mistakes non comic book fans make about comic books, courtesy of What Culture (my husband will probably tell you I have made all ten.)


  1. Talk about Top 10 lists! Maybe we should add Top 10 Reasons why cuts to the CBC will hurt Canada. Yes, I am bitter.

    1. That will be a hard list to make, I'm sure we can come up with much more than 10! It is a very sad time to see it happening.


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