"Revenge Wears Prada" by Lauren Weisberger

A decade has past since Andy Sachs left Miranda Priestly, editor of Runway Magazine, standing in the streets of Paris.  After a year of working as Miranda's assistant, a job that millions of girls would kill to have, Andy just couldn't take it anymore and quit.  And over that decade, a lot has changed for Andy.

Not only is she married to the love of her life, Max Harrison, the heir of a media empire (and not her college sweetheart), she is the editor of a high end Bridal magazine, The Plunge.  To top it off, her partner in the magazine is her former co-assistant and nemesis, Emily.  Yes, things are a little different from when we last saw Andy.

Just when Andy thinks things couldn't be more perfect, the past walks right back into her life.  Andy's new life brings her back into the path of Miranda Priestly.  This time however, Andy is in the drivers seat, when Miranda's company makes an offer to buy The Plunge.  But just when Andy thinks this is her chance to get revenge, things around her begin to fall apart.

Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns by Lauren Weisberger is one of the most talked about new releases of 2013, with so many people anxiously awaiting a visit with the characters we fell in love with in The Devil Wears Prada back in 2004. 

Right.  So just as many people were considering this book one of their most anticipated of the year, many people are considering this book one of their most disappointing books of the year as well.  Could it be because there has been so much time between the original book and now?  Or Meryl Streep's fantastic portrayal of Miranda in the movie version is so highly regarded that we feel so let down by this book?

For me personally, I think it's because I built up this book so much, I was gently letdown.  I didn't hate the book, in fact I still gave it 3 stars.  But it wasn't what I was expecting and I think it all comes down to there just wasn't enough Miranda.  As a catch-up to what Andy is up to ten years later, I don't think the book faltered in any way.  It's nice to see her become successful on her own rather than someone who just gave up and went home.  But that promise of the Devil returning in the title?  It was more like the mention of her returning.  More time was given to deciding how not to run into her or what to do when they finally do, rather than actually interacting with her.  And that was the big disappointment for me.  

I have enjoyed all of Weisberger's other books as they take you into glamourous celebrity worlds and those books are always fun.   But I found that the writing behind this one just wasn't up to par.  For me, it felt like it was written quickly because of demand rather than a genuine wanting to return to characters who were so well-loved.  It's unfortunate to see that happen.  I don't feel like I wasted my time reading this book, I just wish it had been better given how much anticipation I felt for the book.


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