Ready, Set, Readathon!

The Ready, Set, Readathon begins now!  It's hosted by Danie at Booktacular and Faye at A Daydreamer's Thoughts and runs from now (midnight on Friday) until the end of Sunday.  The goal?  Read as many books as you can for three day straight.  You can also keep up with it on Twitter through the hashtag #RSReadathon.

My plans for the readathon?  Well first of all, Friday and Saturday are going to have to be my big reading days as I have plans for Sunday.  I'm hoping to finish these two books for sure:
After that I have a large pile of Canadian books I took out of the library in anticipation of the Giller Prize longlist announcement on Tuesday.   I'm not sure which one I'll start with but I hope to also finish one book from the pile.

Day 1 Progress:
Pages Read: 254
Books Read: 1
A Nation Worth Ranting About by Rick Mercer was delivered to me today and I had to start it!  Rick Mercer is to Canada what Jon Stewart is to the US.  He is hilarious, I love his show and I read the book  in one afternoon.  

Day 2 Progress:
Pages Read: 319
Books Read: 1

Total Pages Read: 573
Total Books Read: 2
It turned out to be not the day I had hoped for with reading after my laptop died and I had to head to the Apple Store.  But I did mange to read all of On The Island so still a success!

Day 3 Progress:
Pages Read: 40
Books Read: 0

I'm definitely counting this readathon as a success!  At the beginning I was thinking I was crazy for doing a readathon the weekend before school starts AND with a family birthday party, but it was the readathon that motivated me to read anything at all.  I finished two books and it gave me a much needed boost in terms of having reviews ready for before the posting date!  Thank you to the lovely ladies who hosted the readathon!


  1. I'm hoping to read some Fairytale retellings that I just got from the library, Sisters Red and Sweetly. Good luck reading those!

  2. I hope you'll finish them :) Happy reading!

  3. Goodbye For Now has been on my radar for a little while. Good luck!

    Also, thanks a ton for joining in the RSReadathon. It means so much to Faye, Kate, and I.

  4. Some good book choices to get through! I need to read On the Island myself - it looks so brilliant! Hope you enjoy both of your choices - and your third if you get to it!
    Good luck and thanks for joining us!


  5. You did very well. :D

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Happy Reading!


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