"Ecoholic Body" by Adria Vasil

Adria Vasil, Canada's straight-shooting green living expert, is back, and this time it's personal…care, that is.

Ecoholic Body: Your Ultimate Earth-Friendly Guide to Living Healthy & Looking Good by Adria Vasil is the only book you will need to turn your personal care as green as you possibly can. It literally has you covered from head to toe to make sure you get chemicals out of your body and out of your life.

This indispensable guide covers everything. It gives you the lowdown on the "mean 15" ingredients to avoid, the best skin care, all the latest eco-fashions, the scoop on nature's best for kids, and how to green your health care and feel your best. The book also includes labelling of Made in Canada products, a nation-wide store directory, do-it-yourself homemade body care, and something that is very important to ecoholics, money saving tips.

The best feature of this book is Vasil's exhaustive testing of products from every type of personal care. She doesn't just tell you which products have the best ingredients and the least chemicals, she tests every product for effectiveness, smell and feel, rating them on a scale of 1to 5. And for that I give her a standing ovation. Years ago I switched all of my personal care products to all-natural except for one - deodorant. I was never able to find a natural deodorant that I felt confident leaving the house with so I just gave up on that one. But after reading Adria's test guide, I went out and bought the top-rated one and I am in love.

Adria Vasil doesn't just talk the talk, she lives the life and writes her book with honesty and humour. Reading this book is like getting tips from your girlfriend, from the beginning you trust everything she says and every recommendation she gives. She doesn't just tell you what to avoid then throw you at the mercy of the drugstore shelves, she straight up tells you what not to buy and why.

Ecoholic Body is the third book by Adria Vasil. The first - Ecoholic - covers everything you need to know about going green in every aspect of your life. Her second book - Ecoholic Home - gives you all of the information you need to make your home the cleanest, greenest and most efficient one on the block. There is also a US edition of Ecoholic in bookstores now to help Americans decode what is really green and what is just green washed on their shelves as well.

These days it's all about going green and saving the earth and that's a good thing. But it's not as easy as it seems and if you find yourself confused by the messages out there then you need some Ecoholic in your life. And if you've been living the green life for a while and think you've got everything down, this book will continue to motivate you and introduce you to some fabulous new products and stores. There is something in this book for everyone and declare it a must-read for all.

Be sure to check out Adria Vasil's website, on Twitter @ecoholicnation, and her weekly column in Now Magazine.

I received this book courtesy of Random House of Canada. The opinions expressed above are purely my own.


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