"Not My Daughter" by Barbara Delinsky

When three teenaged girls form a pregnancy pact they think the addition of babies will make their lives perfect. The actual results are completely different.

When the town finds out what has happened everyone begins to talk. How could this happen? How could their mothers let this happen? When it is found out that one of the girls is the daughter of the high school principal more talk occurs. How can she continue to be the principal of the high school when she can't even parent her own child?

The mothers of the girls are just as hard on themselves. Where did they go wrong? Was this their fault? Do they support the girls? The young girls begin to question how something that seemed so right can go so wrong.

Not My Daughter examines the emotional ties between mothers and daughters when their relationships are put through a heartbreaking test. Barbara Delinksy perfectly captures the mother-daughter bond, small town politics and the struggle to love and forgive. She will have every mother asking, what if it were my daughter?


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