"One Hundred Christmas Proposals" by Holly Martin

The last time we saw Harry and Suzie, he had set out on the mission to find the perfect proposal for Suzie, organizing one hundred proposals taking place around the world.  Suzie thought it was all just for their business, Perfect Proposals, but Harry was serious about marrying Suzie.  When we left them, they had just gotten engaged.

Now Harry and Suzie are back with a bigger task - organizing one hundred proposals in the month of December alone.  Add to this the task of planning their first Christmas together as a couple and a surprise visit from the parents, and they quickly find themselves wondering if their relationship can make it through the holidays in tact.

One Hundred Christmas Proposals by Holly Martin is the delightful holiday novella to follow-up the incredible One Hundred Proposals.  Fans of the first book will be very excited to see what Harry and Suzie are getting up to following Harry’s incredible proposal.

I was so excited when I heard about this novella.  The first book left me wanting so much more (in a good way) and I was secretly wishing that Martin would be re-visiting these characters.  I didn’t realize that it was going to happen so soon.

The only thing better than a Christmas story set in England is one that involves marriage proposals!  Harry and Suzie have outdone themselves, planning one hundred romantic proposals in the month of December.  It is absolutely lovely to read about the various ways that people can propose around England.  Holly Martin has such a unique idea here and it makes for very romantic books.

If there is ever a time for a romantic story, Christmas is it.  And this book will have you melting despite the cold weather outside.  Martin is a very talented writer and if you are a fan of sweet, romantic reads you need to pick up one of her books.  


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