"The Love Detective" by Alexandra Potter

Ruby Miller is a best-selling romance author who gave up on love after her fiancé cheated on her.  Which would explain why she is suffering from a terrible bout of writer’s block.  When her editor tells her she should clear her head by going away on vacation, she takes the opportunity to go visit her sister in India.

Ruby is happy to see Amy and she enjoys the rest and relaxation a week at a yoga retreat in India can give you.  But when her sister informs her on the day they are supposed to head home to London that she is staying behind to marry Shine, a yoga instructor, Ruby’s bliss comes to an end.  

Soon, Ruby is on a chase across India, trying to track down her sister before she make a terrible mistake.  And with the help of a sexy American she meets on a train, she may actually find her before it’s too late.  But maybe, before she gets there, Ruby will discover that love isn’t something to run from but rather toward.

The Love Detective is the latest novel from Alexandra Potter, author of nine romantic comedies.  While I thought I had read one of her books before, it appears I haven’t so this is my first novel of hers and it definitely won’t be the last.  This is a breath-taking, gorgeous novel that is hard to put down.

If you have ever been to India, you will love the way Potter makes the country leap off of the pages.  If you have never been to India, you will feel as though you have been when you are finished reading this book.  This is what people mean when they say you can travel the world through books.  The scenes set at the Taj Mahal were especially spectacular.

I really enjoyed all of the characters in this book.  Ruby is fantastic, a romance writer who has given up on love is a great idea.  Even the American, who I thought I wasn’t going to like much at all turned out to be a wonderful character for most of the book.  Everything inside this book is as beautiful as the cover.

Oh how I wish I was along on this journey with Ruby.  This book will make you want to buy a ticket right away.  If you’re looking for romance, laughs, and gorgeous scenery, this is the book for you.  A five star read for me.


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